Dunroven by the River - A Vacation Rental - Troy, Oregon

 The steelhead and trout fishing reports for Troy, Oregon on the Grande Ronde and Wenaha Rivers in northeastern Oregon.

 At the Idaho Fish and Game website you will find the steelhead count from Lower Granite Dam and a comparison to previous times throughout the year. 
Check out this site for loads of informaton from the Oregon Fish and Game Department.  They will give you weekly reports on steelhead fishing, trout fishing, as well as elk, deer and bear hunting. 
Check out the YouTube video below.  Credits go to Angling Addiction Outfitters.

Banner Picture:  White water rafting on the Grand Ronde river viewed from the river front deck just seconds from your vacation rental.

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When planning your trip to Troy, Oregon, on the Grande Ronde and Wenaha Rivers which are located in the Blue Mountains, you might want to check out the weather.  If you plan to go white water rafting or kayaking, weather may be a determining factor as to when you will arrive.  

Best Fishing in America has great articles on fishing the Grande Ronde in Troy, Oregon as well as many other places you may be interested in for your fishing pleasure.

Fishing the lower Grande Ronde River. 


   Deer, Elk, Bear, Cougar, Forest Grouse, Turkey

  Contact Oregon Fish and Wildlife here for hunting opportunities near Troy, license requirements, seasons and general questions.


When arriving in Troy, Oregon, you will find many activities to keep you busy such as hiking the Wenaha Trail or steelhead fishing on the Grande Ronde River.  Many people enjoy kayaking, rafting or tubing the Grande Ronde River as well.  We are willing to shuttle you to Wild Cat Bridge seven miles above Troy for your day full of water adventures. 

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway from the stress of your busy life you will find our vacation rental a peaceful place to unwind.  The pond outside your apartment offers a waterfall and fountain as well as gold fish.  You might also see humming birds, bullfrogs or dragonflies. 

Just across the road from the apartment you can enjoy the river deck overlooking the Grande Ronde River where you will see nature at its finest.  Eagles, river otters, heron, Canada Geese and more are here for your viewing enjoyment.